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Depending on the time of year and where you are at with your lifestyle; all this may impact your skin often resulting in seasonal changes. If you have been prone to an oily residue on your skin and after many use of different products you may find it is now dry. Then you should change the products you are using and seek help from us to understand what we can do to help.

Please read below the different routines we would recommend depending on your skin type:

Facials and skincare for oily/combination skin

Facials are an important step to keeping skin looking and feeling healthy and in good condition. Many include facial massage which as well as aiding relaxation can also help improve the tone and elasticity of the skin as well as improving circulation – bringing more nutrients to the skins surface.  Oily/combination skins benefit from facials as they are an excellent way of deep cleaning the skin and helping to balance out the levels of oils in the skin.

Cleansers are used to remove makeup, dirt and impurities on the skin, a further deep cleanse is carried out in facials to ensure the skin is fully cleansed and ready to absorb the products to come. Facial washes are ideal for oilier skins as they do not overload the skin, leave it feeling refreshed but not strip the skin.

A toner is then used to remove any excess products on the skin, balance the skin and close the pores.

Exfoliates benefit oily/combination skins as they help to remove dead skin cells, unclog the pores and brighten the complexion.

Masks are an excellent way of deep cleansing the skin and helping to balance it out. They help to purify the skin as well as soothing areas that may need it. Lavender is a great ingredient in a mask due to its soothing properties and calming redness of blemishes but gentle on the skin. Clay masks can be a great way to draw out impurities as well as remove excess oils.

Facial oils are ideal for oily/combination skins also. If your skin is lacking in oil it will trigger the sebaceous glands into overdrive and will produce more oil leading to breakouts/shiny. Oils contain anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties to help heal the skin, reduce excess seblim levels and hydrate.

Moisturisers are needed again to keep the skin hydrated and work with the facial oils deeper into the skin. A lighter balancing moisturiser can help to hydrate where needed and reduce shine on the areas where needed. Moisturisers are also a good base for makeup.

facials at stones spa

Facials for – sensitive/dry skin

Facials are important for all skin types, especially sensitive and dry. When your skin is dry, it lacks natural oils. Not only can it feel tight, uncomfortable and sometimes sensitive, it can also look dull in complexion and age prematurely.

To help combat these symptoms of dry skin it is ideal to get a skin care routine and a regular facial in place.

We have put together some hints and tips as to what products you should be using and why.

. Cleanser: use morning and night to remove dirt, makeup and pollution. The best types of cleansers are: milks, balms and oils.
THALGO GENTLE CLEANSING MILK even the most sensitive of skin.

. Toner: use morning and night which removes excess cleanser, balances PH and closes the pores.
Look for a gentle toning lotion BEAUTIFYING TONIC LOTION BY THALGO. It’s non striping formula is perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

. Exfoliation: Exfoliators remove dead skin to speed up cell renewal (anti-age), increase radiance, deeply cleanse and enhance the effectiveness of your other products.
THALGOS GENTLE EXFOLIATOR is great for dry and sensitive skin as it combines natural jojoba oils to help maintain comfort. (Use once a week)

. Masks are great for targeting skin concerns and boosting your routine. In this case a hydrating/nourishing mask is key. THALGOS DEEPLY NOURISHING MASK , perfect to reduce flakiness and roughness whilst also comforting the skin.

. Serums are a concentrated product to work on the lower layers of the skin. THALGOS HYDRA-MARINE SERUM helps hydrate and boost radiance. Use this daily before moisturising.

Once a year, boost your routine with the MULTI-SOOTHING CONCENTRATE, more concentrated than a serum and it’s fine consistency means it gets further into the skin.


. Moisturiser: locks in serum and helps hydrate and protect the top surface layers of the skin. Dry and sensitive skins love NUTRI-SOOTHING RICH CREAM to help soothe, replenish and repair.

. Eye cream: don’t forget the eyes! The skin around the eyes is much thinner and therefore is prone to dryness and ageing. Apply COLLAGEN EYE ROLL ON to the bone around your eyes. Not only is this hydrating and anti-aging, it also helps with puffiness and dark circles.

By following a skin care routine your skin will feel much more comfortable and nourished. However including a facial also, will give your skin a boost. Not only would we deeply cleanse the skin, exfoliate and nourish, we are also able to use higher strength products to help with your main concerns and are able to aid the products effectiveness by massaging the skin, boosting circulation and bringing vital nutrients to the skin. Facials also help reduce stress and aid well being which in turn relaxes muscles and lets the skin work efficiently.

The best facials for dry skin:- Heart of the ocean (specifically adapted to suit your skin)

The best facial for sensitive skin is :- Three algae facial (uses algae powder to target eczema/psoriasis and dry and sensitive skin.

Overall a facial is a wonderful way to deep clean and rejuvenate the skin as well as provide ultimate relaxation for you.

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